I am trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy and my practice is an integrative mix of a variety of modalities serving each client individually. We sit and talk in the coziness of my therapy space located at the CTS Counseling Center (or we can do Zoom). I work collaboratively with you to set goals, uncover insights, and move toward healing. Our relationship is a container for learning and growth, as well as a safe place of connection, empathy, and unconditional positive regard.

somatic therapy

This approach is where we tap into our bodily wisdom and experiment with the practice of embodiment. Learning to listen to our bodies can show us a lot about ourselves: Where do I feel stress or anger in my body? What might that tingly feeling in my stomach mean? If you prefer to move around and learn from your body, we can combine your psychotherapy experience with somatic processes, like yoga, breath-work, guided meditations, and more.

nature therapy

Experiences in nature can be healing and nourishing for us as humans. I offer a unique experience of nature-based interventions in-person and over Zoom. Time outside can help facilitate a tangible expression of what is happening internally, and paired with psychotherapy, it offers a beautiful way of processing and understanding our internal experience. Includes walk and talk therapy and outdoor options.

group nature therapy

A group therapy experience that is experiential and educational. This group is for people 18 years and up who are interested in learning how to work alongside the natural world on their journey of mental health and wellness.

There are four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, and each season is 6-weeks in length. We meet for 1.5 hours each week in person. Each season will borrow from the rhythms in the natural world happening in real-time.

Spring: March 20th – April 24th, 2023 – FULL
Summer: June 19th – July 24th, 2023
Fall: September 18th – October 2rd, 2023
Winer: December 11th 2023 – January 22nd, 2024