Embrace the Mess


I used to have a very organized way of planning out my day and tending to the details of life.  Whether that was cleaning, cooking, exercising, social outings, journaling, or TV. While I am still that way in some moments, life with a toddler has helped me let go of the rigidity with which I lived and experienced life.

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How to Establish a Sit Spot

A sit spot is a practice that involves finding a safe, easily accessible spot in or near nature and observing the natural world around you. The practice allows us to grow in connection to nature and ourselves by becoming part of the ecosystem we live in. It is simple and yet can have profound impacts on mental health. A sit spot helps with growing in presence and connection to day-to-day life. It’s an embodied mindfulness practice; observing and engaging with the natural world around you using all our senses and entire being.

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